Reaps Moss Wind Farm


Partnerships for Renewables is operating the 3-turbine windfarm on behalf of

owners, Reaps Moss Limited.

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All Construction and Commissioning works are complete and the wind farm is now in the Operational Phase.

Site restoration works were completed in 2015.  Works to the off-site habitat enhancement area, separate from the wind farm and located to the west, were completed in spring 2016.

These works included re-profiling around 800m of peat edges that had eroded over many years, and the installation of peat dams in order to improve the hydrology of the moor. 

Sphagnum capsules have been planted in order to help grow peat moss and dipwells have been installed in order to monitor the hydrology of the enhancement area and the wind farm.



Last updated on: 9/22/2016