Biomass CHP

What is Combined Heat & Power?

Combined Heat & Power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is the simultaneous generation of both electricity and heat. In conventional power plants the heat naturally generated during electricity production is not put to any use and is simply emitted. CHP, on the other hand, captures this heat for consumption and uses it for heating systems and for the production of hot water - a much more efficient use of energy resources.

Biomass CHP 

Biomass CHP is the use of biomass as the fuel source in a CHP system. The biomass used may be natural by-products, such as woodchip, or purposefully-grown energy crops, such as miscanthus (as proposed at Wheal Jane). The biomass may also consist of industrial or municipal waste.

How common is CHP?

CHP is being encouraged across the UK, both through economic incentives (such as the Renewables Obligation and expected fuel savings) and other forms of support, such as the CHP Focus portal run by the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

The Combined Heat & Power Association provides some useful case studies.

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