Infrasound & Low Frequency Noise

Some opponents of wind farms have made allegations regarding wind turbines producing dangerous levels of infrasound or low frequency noise.  This is not the case.

RenewableUK (formerly the British Wind Energy Association) has produced a report on low frequency noise, ‘Low Frequency Noise and Wind Turbines’.

The report concludes:

‘It has been repeatedly shown by measurements of wind turbine noise undertaken in the UK, Denmark, Germany and the USA over the past decade, and accepted by experienced noise professionals, that the levels of infrasonic noise and vibration radiated from modern, upwind configuration wind turbines are at a very low level; so low that they lie below the threshold of perception, even for those people who are particularly sensitive to such noise, and even on an actual wind turbine site.’

In the report RenewableUK quote Dr Geoff Leventhall, Consultant in Noise Vibration and Acoustics and author of the Defra Report on Low Frequency Noise and its Effects, as saying:

"I can state quite categorically that there is no significant infrasound from current designs of wind turbines."

Further information

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) website contains a number of reports looking into low frequency noise. 

In 2003 a Review of Published Research on Low Frequency Noise and its Effects was produced for Defra by Dr Geoff Leventhall Assisted by Dr Peter Pelmear and Dr Stephen Benton.

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