Health & Safety

The wind industry, like all major industries, takes health and safety very seriously. As wind turbines do not use flammable or toxic feedstock, and produce no exhaust gases or hazardous waste, wind is inherently among the safest of all energy technologies.

Wind farm design takes this further, siting virtually all onsite cabling out of sight and underground, while situating turbines well away from roads and power lines. At the end of their life, wind energy developments are easily decommissioned with no dangerous waste produced.

Partnerships for Renewables is committed to safe working and operating practices. The company has its own bespoke Health & Safety Policy, which covers its office- and site-based activities and what it expects of its suppliers.

Partnerships for Renewables Health & Safety Policy

Partnerships for Renewables works in partnership with public sector bodies to develop and manage onsite renewable energy projects. The company aims to provide best-in-class renewable energy development and to tailor renewable energy projects to the particular needs of public sector bodies.

Partnerships for Renewables recognises its responsibilities to all those who may be affected by its activities. The effective management of health and safety in the workplace is an integral and essential part of all its undertakings.

Partnerships for Renewables is committed to achieving high standards of health and safety and regards compliance with legislation as a minimum level of achievement. Partnerships for Renewables will plan, monitor and regularly review its health and safety performance to strive for continuous improvement.

Partnerships for Renewables' health and safety performance will be established through implementing the following principles:

  • Adopting an effective health and safety management system, which protects those who may be affected by the company’s activities
  • Setting challenging, yet achievable, objectives and targets
  • Providing adequate resources to meet its commitments
  • Integrating health and safety issues into all its commercial decisions
  • Proactively identifying and assessing the health and safety risks of its undertakings, and managing these risks to acceptable levels by effective means of elimination, reduction and control
  • Promoting health and safety awareness, and communicating, consulting and collaborating on these issues with employees and other stakeholders
  • Providing information, training and supervision to employees to promote health and safety in the workplace and a positive health and safety culture
  • Ensuring the competence of all staff and contractors in their roles and responsibilities

Further information

RenewableUK (formerly the British Wind Energy Association) takes health and safety issues very seriously. The health and safety section of the RenewableUK website provides access to various health and safety documents covering issues such as the construction, maintenance and decommissioning of wind turbines.

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