House Prices

Some opponents of wind farms allege that wind farm reduce nearby house prices while some supporters argue the opposite. The truth is that there is no conclusive evidence with regard to the relationship of wind farms and house prices.

A number of studies have been conducted over the past few years:

United Kingdom

The study What is the Impact of Wind Farms on House Prices? was carried out in March 2007 by Peter Dent and Dr Sally Sims of the Department of Real Estate and Construction, Oxford Brookes University. This study, supported by a grant from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Foundation, examined three locations in Cornwall and proved inconclusive. It did, however, comment that the research “highlighted to some extent, wind farm developers are themselves avoiding the problem by locating their developments in places where the impact on prices is minimised, carefully choosing their sites to avoid any negative impact on the locality”. Interestingly it also commented that “the ‘threat’ of a wind farm may have a more significant impact than the actual presence of one."

The Impact of Wind Farms on Residential Property Prices - Crystal Rig Case Study published in February 2007, and carried out by Edinburgh Solicitors' Property Centre focused on property sales near the Crystal Rig wind farm in the Scottish Borders. The study found that prices in the nearby town of Dunbar (10km north of the wind farm) had risen from below the regional average to above the regional average over a four years period which saw the wind farm built and begin generating renewable energy.

The study is available to download in pdf format at the bottom of this page.

Two public opinion surveys were also commissioned by National Wind Power, now npower Renewables, for the Taff Ely and Novar wind farms. These two studies, carried out by Robertson Bell Associates, were published in 1997 and 1998.

The Taff Ely study concluded: “In regards to house prices, more than three in four (78%) say the wind farm has had no effect, with a further 15% saying ‘don’t know’. As many residents say house prices have increased a little because of the wind farm (3%) as say they have decreased a little (3%), similarly, as many say they have increased a lot (1%) as say decreased a lot (1%).”

The Novar study concluded: “In regards to house prices, almost three in four (72%) say the wind farm has had no effect, with a further 26% saying ‘don’t know’. None of the respondents say house prices have decreased as a result of the wind farm. Indeed, 1% say house prices have increased a little because of the wind farm”.

United States

An extensive study has been conducted in the United States, by the Renewable Energy Policy Project, called The Effect of Wind Development on Local Property Values.This report suggests that far from having a negative impact on value, property prices within a five mile radius of a wind farm appeared to rise above the regional average, suggesting that wind turbines actually had a positive effect on value.

Another study, The Impact of Wind Power Projects on Residential Property Values in the United States, which presents a statistical analysis of house sales in areas where wind farms are located, found that there is “no evidence…that home prices surrounding wind facilities are consistently, measurably, and significantly affected by either the view of wind facilities or the distance of the home to those facilities.”


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