Health & Safety Policy

Partnerships for Renewables works in partnership with public sector,  related clients and private land owners to develop and manage on site renewable energy projects. We aim to provide best in class renewable energy development and to tailor renewable energy projects to the particular needs of our clients.

Partnerships for Renewables is committed to the prevention of injury and ill health by continually improving Occupational Health and Safety management and performance by:

  • Complying with statutory legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements;
  • Implementing health and safety systems that ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all our employees including contract and temporary staff, and of other persons affected by our actions;
  • Integrating health and safety management into all our decisions, where appropriate;
  • Promoting a high level of health and safety awareness,communicating, consulting and cooperating  on all health and safety issues with our employees and other stakeholders;
  • Providing information, instruction, training, specialist advice and supervision to employees to promote positive health and safety behaviour and culture at work;
  • Developing and assessing the competence of all staff and contractors for their roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring that all staff and constractors are competent and aware of their duties and responsibilities; and
  • Setting realistic OHS objectives and challenging targets.

PfR will:

  • Publish and regularly update this Policy, which is consistent with PfR’s Environmental Policy;
  • Review this policy and its implementation at Board level at least annually and update as required;
  • Promote a precautionary attitude within the company such that PfR will, through proactive monitoring , suspend any works being undertaken on its behalf if it is not satisfied that safe systems of work, and safe working environments are established  and best practice procedures can continue to be demonstrated.

Employees and contractors have a legal duty to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions. Employees must co-operate with PfR management to enable the company to fulfil its OH&S obligations.

Details of the responsibilities and arrangements for the management of OH&S are set out in PfR’s H&S Plan and Procedures which will also be reviewed regularly.

A copy of this statement is issued to all staff and shareholders and made available to other interested parties via PfR’s website.

This policy has immediate effect and replaces all previous versions.Where appropriate, this policy can be adopted by project companies owned by PfR and any projects under PfR’s management service agreements.


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Last updated on: 12/22/2014