Environmental Policy

PfR is ISO 14001 certified and we are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

1. Mission

PfR’s vision is to help Public Sector Bodies (PSBs) and private landowners to realise the potential of their land for the generation of 500MW of renewable energy.

PfR works collaboratively with its partners to identify the most appropriate property assets for green energy commercialisation, promoting the kind of well-considered deliverable
development projects necessary to successfully provide the UK with a reliable supply of clean, renewable energy.

Where appropriate, this policy is adopted by project companies owned by PfR and any project's under PfR's management services agreements.

2. Impacts

PfR’s most significant impact will be to displace the greenhouse gases and other emissions
that would otherwise be created by fossil fuel-fired power stations.

However, we recognise that in pursuing these objectives, PfR can also impact the environment in other ways. Our most significant environmental impacts are likely to be:

  • The lifecycle effects during the manufacturing, operation, maintenance and disposal of the renewable generation capacity we install and use;
  • Local environmental impact on and around sites during their construction, operation and de-commissioning;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere from the use of fossil fuels for our business transport requirements and fossil fuel-based energy for our offices;
  • The production, management and disposal of waste in our offices and on our sites; and
  • Indirectly, the environmental impact of our contractors, suppliers and consultants delivering services on our behalf.

 3. Commitments

PfR's senior management team along with all staff are committed to the protection of the environment through continuous improvement of our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution by:

  • Seeking to develop sites which have a positive carbon offset
  • Complying with relevant legislation, regulations and other relevant requirements;
  • Implementing systems that are guided by the requirements of ISO14001;
  • Maintaining accreditation of our Environmental Management System, certified under the ISO14001 standard;
  • Assessing and setting realistic objectives and targets for each of our most significant environmental impacts;
  • Minimising our energy consumption and encouraging the use of less polluting forms of transport ;
  • Minimising waste through reduction, recovery and recycling;
  • Communicating our Environmental Policy to employees, suppliers and the public and promoting environmentally sensitive behaviour; and
  • Regularly reviewing our Environmental Management System.

4. Implementation

To support and enforce this policy, PfR will: 

  • Publish and regularly update this Environmental Policy, which is consistent with PfR’s Health and Safety policy;
  • Review this Environmental Policy and its implementation at Board level at least annually and update it as required; and
  • Publish an Annual Environmental Report on its effectiveness. 

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Last updated on: 4/24/2015