Public Sector

Increasing concern about the pressing issues of climate change and energy security, as well as the recognition of the role that renewable energy can play in abating these concerns, have led the renewables industry to experience significant growth in the UK over the last few years.

Despite impressive growth by the sector, installed capacity in the UK is failing to meet the Government’s renewable energy targets.

Role of the public sector

The public sector can play a significant part in the effort to increase renewables capacity in the UK as public sector bodies own around 10% of the land in the UK (over one million hectares) and thousands of buildings.

The aspiration of the public sector to develop renewable energy has been hampered by a lack of funds and the desire to avoid diverting financial resources from frontline services towards the development of potential sites.

Partnerships for Renewables (PfR) works in partnership with public sector bodies throughout the entire development process and covers all development costs.

Economic Benefits to the Public Sector

In a time of restricted budgets for Public Sector Bodies, PfR's model for renewable energy generation offers an opportunity for these organisations to generate additional revenue without the need to dispose of assets. All feasibility and development costs are covered by PfR, with the partner benefiting from an annual rental payment (linked to electricity generation) for the operational lifetime of the project.  


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Last updated on: 12/5/2011