Community Benefit

Partnerships for Renewables provides a market-leading community package as an integral part of its wind energy projects.   The main element of the package is normally a Community Benefit Fund in which the company makes an annual payment depending on the installed capacity of the development.   For example, in the case of a project consisting of five 2.5MW turbines, the fund would receive at least £62,500 on an annual basis for the operational life of the project, which will be 20-25 years.  This would amount to an overall fund of over £1.5million over the lifetime of the project.   Payments to the fund will be index-linked, so can be expected to grow in size year on year... 

The fund will be independently administered, with the decisions on grant awards made by representatives of the local community.   The type of organisations that might we eligible for funding would be:

  • Voluntary, community groups, community, parish and town councils
  • Schools and educational establishments
  • Social enterprises (including credit unions, co-operatives, social firms, community owned enterprises, community interest companies and developments trusts) provided they operate on a not-for profit basis. 

Community initiatives supported by the fund could be a combination of short term one-off projects, such as improving a children’s play area, or longer-term commitments covering more than one funding period, for example, support for a local apprenticeship scheme.   

Subject to the project receiving planning permission, a separate consultation will take place prior to construction to give local residents and stakeholders an opportunity to pass on their initial ideas on how the fund should be managed and the sort of community initiatives that they would like to see supported. 

In addition to the Community Benefit Fund, Partnerships for Renewables is happy to consider financial support for existing community projects in the local area, where appropriate. 


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Last updated on: 5/19/2014