Community Input

The community can also become proactively involved in our developments in several ways:

  • Help to shape public consultation: Local parish, town and community councils as well as local interest groups are invited to help shape the community consultation programme. These groups understand the local community and can help Partnerships for Renewables to provide factual information to as many local residents as possible throughout the development process. 
  • Contribute to project design: The local community is invited to make suggestions on how the proposal can be improved. Wind turbine locations are dictated by the results of the technical and environmental studies. However, the overall design will often include issues such as identifying access routes and site tracks, habitat management plans and other issues specific to that project, in which local knowledge may prove to be valuable.
  • Contribute to environmental work: Local environmental groups are invited to liaise with Partnerships for Renewables’ independent environmental consultants to contribute towards the final environmental assessment work and proposals.
  • Traffic and construction management plan: The local community is asked to help Partnerships for Renewables develop traffic and construction management plans. These plans specify the details of how Partnerships for Renewables will operate on the ground to build the project. Issues such as component delivery timetables can be influenced (to avoid school opening times, for example).
  • Planning conditions: The value of planning conditions is often overlooked. Partnerships for Renewables provides example planning conditions to the local community. This enables both supporters and objectors to seek reassurance from the planning officer that certain standards will be adhered to if the application is approved. 
  • Community benefit fund consultation: Local parish, town and community councils as well as other local interest groups and local residents are invited to participate in the community benefit fund consultation programme, which is run by an independent third-party on our behalf.

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