Our consultation process

Partnerships for Renewables wants to ensure that local people are consulted and involved throughout the development process.

While every consultation programme is developed with specific project needs and local preferences in mind there are a number of consultation tools that are likely to be used during the development process:

  • Website: A project-specific website is developed for all of our sites entering the public domain. The site is accessible via its own domain name and via the Partnerships for Renewables website.
  • Public exhibitions: Public exhibitions provide the community with an opportunity to discuss plans with the project team in a private and informal manner. The exhibitions consist of exhibition boards and project-specific materials. We select exhibition venues in consultation with local groups, such as the parish, town and community councils, and aim to ensure that the communities surrounding a project have access to an exhibition located close to them.
  • Community surgeries: The project team provides a drop-in facility for local residents on a regular basis.
  • Newsletters/update documents: Newsletters can be used to provide a regular update to the local community on project progress and upcoming consultation events. Mail drops can be targeted at specific geographic areas and make information available to people who may not have Internet access.
  • Presentations: Local interest groups may be interested in the progress of a potential development and we are happy to offer presentations to these groups, including an extensive question and answer session. Giving presentations to these groups at an early stage can initiate a valuable two-way dialogue throughout the development process.
  • School visits: We are happy to help local schools learn about renewable energy and learn about our work in the local area.
  • Permanent displays: The local community may request us to set up a permanent exhibition at a local school, library, community hall or another community building close to a project. We will look into the opportunity and provide a permanent display if considered appropriate.
  • House visits: Some members of the local community are unable to attend exhibitions or may have specific concerns regarding how a project might affect their house. In these circumstances we will offer a home visit to discuss the issue and provide information.
  • Wind farm visits: We will offer to arrange wind farm visits for members of the local community during the development process. This provides local residents with first-hand knowledge of modern wind turbines.

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