Crook Hill Wind Farm


Partnerships for Renewables is operating the 11-turbine windfarm on behalf of

owners, Crook Hill Properties Limited.

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Image Gallery

Crook Landscape 2017

Aeriel view

Crook Fence

Row of turbines

Crook Nacelle

Completion of T3


T8 nearing completion



Blade lift completes construction of T11













Tower section making its way up to to Crook Hill

Side View of the "tug" counterweight


Passing the construction compound

T6 foundation base: 14th October

T7 ready for concrete foundation pour: 16th October

Substation construction: 24th October

T1 after concrete pour

TA prior to concrete pour: 24th September

Foundation cans (tower bases) delivered to lower construction compound: 24th September

Access track close to T8

Last updated on: 2/1/2017