Crook Hill Wind Farm


Partnerships for Renewables is operating the 11-turbine windfarm on behalf of

owners, Crook Hill Properties Limited.

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January 2017

All construction and commissioning works are complete and the windfarm is now operational.

The majority of the reinstatement works to the wind farm have been completed.  In summer 2016, an area of just over 100,000 m2 was treated with a mix of over sowing and re-seeding, with fertiliser and lime being spread in weaker areas to encourage vegetation. 

The large area of peat reinstatement and enhancement, known as the Section 38 Area located south of turbines T4 – T9, was completed in Autumn 2016.  In September 2016 this area was seeded and fenced in order to provide protection from livestock and other potential disturbances, and to ensure it has the best chance to vegetate.  Monitoring of the reinstatement will continue in 2017 and beyond. 

An area near the wind farm entrance gate has been enhanced with stone walkways and timber bridges, and woodland species have been planted.  Landgate, the public road leading to the site entrance has been repaired and resurfaced, and the corner of its junction with Market Street has also been paved and landscaped.

There will be annual habitat and protected species monitoring of the first five years of the wind farm's life, with regular monitoring continuing thereafter for the remaining life of the project. The private water supplies in the PWS Protection Plan immediate area will also be monitored for the first two years of operation.

Last updated on: 2/1/2017